Fisherman’s Credo

FISHERMAN’S CREDO: MY ROD AND MY REEL THEY COMFORT ME did not hold trBOB TuTuue for at least one A-1 Fabricator & Finishers fisherman this 4th of July weekend.

This is the epic tale of two well known A-1 Fabricators & Finishers’ fisherman Sean, jerk then reel, Lanter and Bob, fish-a-holic, Logsdon.

Days leading up to the holiday weekend the shop was full of boastingly talk of skill, tales of past catches, intertwined with accusations of incompetence,  and the lack of skill of the other.  The stage was set and their competitive nature was incited. There was only way to appease this contention of opinions, a fishing contest reigning one victories and the other to experience the agony of defeat.

To assure that the winner’s feelings were truly victories and the losers feelings were that of pure agony a wager was placed upon the contest. Being that picture is worth a thousand words there is nothing more to say………


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