Single Source Fabrication

All fabricators are not created equal in the service and processes they provide. Today’s buyer is searching for that single source metal fabricator who accommodates their needs and is capable of providing the value added services that are  imperative to meeting cost, delivery, and quality expectations. Through such partnerships eliminates the need for multiple vendors and streams the procurement process. Research has determined that the average estimate for each PO entered, across all industries, incurs a standard cost of $217 per Purchase Order. Through implementation of value added services and providing all necessary processes and services under one roof provides substantial savings to the fabrication purchasing agents. Buyers often are dependent on numerous suppliers to meet their fabrication process requirements such as engineering, painting, or perhaps delivery. Time and money can be realized by consolidating to a single source supplier, compelled to unify your fabrication needs, attaining lower inventory, improved product quality, and administrative efficiency. The strategic objectives of structuring  A-1 Fabricators and Finishers as a single source supplier is established on the concept of forming strategic supplier relationships that are financial and economic for both companies. In building stronger and more collaborative relationships that deliver a range of benefits. Customers realize improved bargaining power in reducing their manufacturing cost through decreased efforts in tracking supplier performance and less time spent managing multiple supplier relationships.

Having only company to deal, one person to deal with, lends itself to effective time and administrative resource management, thus reducing costs over the long term. Realizing the importance of the engineering role to the purchasing process, A-1 Fabricators & Finishers assigns a designated engineer, responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and establishing the required processes. Assigning responsibility to an individual engineer as the customers’ representative and source of contact provides clear communication fostering a relevant and efficient partnering relationship. In our experience these partnerships have Improved Quality throughput by allowing customers to focus and direct their quality improvement efforts more effectively. Fostering clear communication and the allocation of dedicated resources enables both parties the ability to closely monitor and focus on achieving improved innovation and partnership in design collaborations. In eliminating the interaction of processes between multiple suppliers promotes clear and precise product expectations and usage.

Imagine the possibilities, a one source fabrication facility partnered with an experienced and diverse staff of Fabrication Specialist ready to support and fulfill your fabrication needs through:

  • Willingness and commitment to champion and support your fabrication needs through growth and expansion of value added services and processes.
  • Utilizing the expertise of our Engineering staff through assignment of responsibility to design input, improving manufacturability, and eliminating unnecessary cost in both product and the manufacturing process.
  • In house services that support your fabrication machining requirements through the utilization of milling, drilling, and lathes.
  • Leading edge painting processes featuring a 5 stage cleaning process removing scale and laser edge from finished materials as well as application of rust inhibitor eliminating flash rusting assuring proper adhesion of paint to metal.
  • Allocation of resources performing the assembly of both large and small projects.
  • Warehousing and inventory control of finished goods.
  • Delivery of product utilizing either our 26’ box truck or one of our pick-ups.

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