Self-Directed Workforce

A-1 Fabricators and Finishers’ recognized success of our Self-Directed Work and the residual benefits being realized.

Operating under a self-directed workforce allows for each employee to be responsible and accountable for their own productivity. This concept is practiced throughout all divisions of the company and basic guidelines have been established. Assuring that the company’s expectations are clearly understood the specifications of the guidelines have been documented in our employee handbook.

In this environment the diversity in personalities plays an important factor in the success. The many inherent traits of individuals to be leaders, followers, detail oriented, enthusiastic, etc., allows for diversity in our workforce. This diversity allows for the strength and weakness of all individuals to be utilized and fosters an environment of individuality and importance. To learn more on understanding personality types this page has been found to be useful. .

The concept of a self-directed workforce is achievable by empowering and trusting our employees in their decision making process. An often seen advantage is that employees openly communicate and resolve their concerns amongst each other. Continuous improvement efforts are consistently being implemented as individuals share their expertise and needs. Problem solving skills are realized with the promotion of expertise of the employee’s skills and knowledge. Individuals are respected for their contribution and have developed a sense of pride in the roles they perform.

Each employee is responsible for the quality of work produced. Guidelines in the form of Control Plans have been established with the input of employees performing the operations. Employees perform and document established inprocess inspections prior to moving product from their area. Inspection department performs sampling inspection and provides feedback to applicable employees in cases where standards have not been met. Providing real time feedback allows employees the opportunity for immediate corrective and preventative actions to systems and processes.

Employee performance and productivity is monitored through our Enterprise Resource Planning System. ERP is business management software—typically a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities. Work is scheduled and released to manufacturing were employees are responsible for assuring that product is processed in the order of operation by due dates. Once an operation is completed employee then moves the job to the following operation as listed on the job work order and records the information into the ERP System. Through utilization of the ERP system full traceability of a part history, past or present, is captured recording employee identification, time, and materials.

Through implementation of self-direct work force the need of supervision throughout the manufacturing process has been eliminated. Employees have proven to perform at higher standards and the reduction in payroll is beneficial in reducing the Cost of Goods. Cost of Goods is the direct costs attributable to the production of the goods sold by a company. Through the reduction of cost allows labor rates to be reduced and savings are reflected in the pricing reductions experienced by our customers.

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