Expanding Capacity With Addition of Third Trumpf Laser


A-1 Fabricators and Finishers is expanding capacity with the addition of a third Trumpf Trulaser 3030, 4000 watt laser. Installation is currently underway with anticipation of our newest laser being utilized into production by July 20th. Each of our lasers provide an average cutting rate of 150” per minute; varying with material types and thickness , accommodating sheet sizes to 60” x 120” as well as some structural tubing. Material thickness capabilities can vary dependent upon material type. I.e., ferrous carbon materials of up to ¾” can be accurately processed and non ferrous materials, aluminum, and stainless steels, up to ½” and shim stock material as thin as .001”. Laser cutting process provides many advantages:

  • Clean smooth cut edges
  • Greater accuracy
  • No burrs or dust formation
  • Ability to cut complex shapes
  • Faster than conventional cutting process

(Click on link for laser demonstration) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j94tZ_BC8oA)

Dennis Doane, President and Owner of A-1 Fabricators and Finishers stated “Growth is the investment into our future. The investment of equipment and additional resources is essential in to the support of our commitment to continuous improvement and growth. We have an obligation to our employees, their families, and community to provide stable employment opportunities for future generations.”

Utilizing the additional 50,000 sq ft of manufacturing being realized with the construction of our newest facility provides the required space needed to accommodate the additional laser as well as expand key fabrication processes. The laser cutting of material is the beginning operation of the manufacturing process and will allow for a 33% increased capacity throughout the manufacturing process. The A-1 Fabricators and Finishers team is looking forward to the exciting advancements and opportunities being presented and have embraced the atmosphere of change.

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