Bob Logsdon’s Story

Bob wasBob2 born in small river town of Moscow, Ohio. Attending his early schools years in Felicity, Ohio then moving to Bethel, Ohio where he graduated. He currently resides in his terms, “The Communion” a 40 acre farm in Adams County, with his wife Helen. Their family farm also accommodates the homes of his Mother, Brother, and Nephew’s Family. Being in such close proximity to his family allows him to oversee and assist in is Mothers needs during these later years of her life. Adjacent to the Lynx Prairie Nature Preserve, This ideal setting provides the natural resources needed to fulfill his passion for fishing, hunting, and gardening. When asked what he sees from his kitchen window he replied deer, birds, animals and children. He also shared his memory of seeing Bald Eagles soaring overhead and remembering their majestic beauty.

Having meet on a blind date, Bob and his beautiful bride Helen, have been married for 33 short years and jokingly described her as a “mean tiny little thing”. Although never having children himself he has taken great pleasure in the caring and guidance of many children who know him as, Uncle Bob. They do however parent 3 fur babies, 2 Chihuahuas, Cujo the youngest, Peanut and Be. Be acquired her name because she is a “Wanna Be” according to Bob, with her big dog attitude and little Rat Terrier size. Be can often be found in the passenger seat, cruising through McDonalds drive through, enjoying her regular order of a Hamburger Happy Meal, hold the bun. Be often accompanies Bob on his fishing and morel hunting adventures providing a set of listening ears and also commented that to date “she has never talked back”.

Unifying his compassion of fishing and love of children he has bestowed his trade secrets upon the children of our A-1 Family. I often hear the excitement in their voices as they squabble in the hallways over who is going to catch the bigger fish and who will out fish the other on one of their fish outing. Observing throughout the years Bob’s patient and caring demeanor I was not surprised to learn of his 15 years spent mentoring and coaching small children in the Pee Wee Football League. He shared that 7 years of his coaching was spent in Cincinnati and 8 years in the New Richmond Football Program.

Counting down the months till retirement Bob is excited to transition to the next chapter of his life. Envisioning the day of relaxing on the bank, with a dropped fishing line, and taking the opportunity to rekindle his passion of coaching a peewee football league brought a smile to his face. Allured with thoughts of warmer weather, discussions of moving south, has Bob and Helen torn. While she yearns for The South’s Warmest Welcome, Mississippi and The Heart of Dixie, Alabama, he longs for The Lone Star State of Texas or Centennial State, Colorado. In hopes of swaying her choices he has begun daunting her with scare tactics and alluding to the fact that alligators like to eat small dogs. After 33 of marriage, compromise is a lesson I am sure they have mastered and with that I said I thought this article might be useful, Keeping Your Pet Safe From Alligator Attack.

When discussing his years at A-1 and his favorite part of working here Bob stated “the camaraderie I feel with everyone I work with”. “Everyone works as a team and pitches in to make things happen.” Commenting that “No one has ever asked from him to do anything they wouldn’t or haven’t done themselves.” Using Dennis Doane, President of our company, as an example he stated that “he is always cleaning and jumping in where ever needed” “Where else could you work where the boss would do that”. Having recently suffered a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm that nearly cost him his life “I am grateful to be alive” without hesitation was his response to what he is most grateful for. Throughout the years Bob exhibits his zest for live in his daily interactions with us all and takes great pleasure in bestowing the nicknames of all employees upon them. Claiming to have never met a stranger he seizes every opportunity to meet new people,taking the time to learn about them and their lives. Sharing stories with me of just sitting and meeting individuals at the store while his mother and or wife enjoys their shopping explains the response the one thing that he could not live without, other than necessities, is the companionship of others.

His love of live and music is apparent when visiting the shop. Either singing a diverse genre of songs or cutting up and giving everyone around him a hard time. Bob beliefs that the song that best describes him is REO Speedwagon’s, “Ridin’ the Storm Out” and if he could join any musical band past or present he answered quickly, “Every one of my generation would want to be the 5th member of the Beatle’s”, understandably making his favorite song of all time the Beatles, “Norwegian Wood Song”>.

Everyone dreams of their perfect day and how they would spend it. His day would start with a morning of fishing, a visit to the Casino where in his words “hit them a little hard, and afterwards enjoy a great meal. Elaborating on his favorite meal choice he replied “A good steak, some deep fried morel mushrooms” “using my Mom’s recipe”, “and believe it or not a D.Q. Heath Bar Blizzard”. So after catching his trophy fish, winning it big at the casino, filling up on his steak, mushrooms, and blizzard he can book his lifelong dream vacation of an African safari, head out on the highway, in his classic Stringray Corvette with Helen by his side, listening to the Beetles playing on the radio.

Here are a few more interesting facts I learned about Bob in our interview: His alter personality is Larry and when he feels a bad day coming on he wears his Larry shirt. Larry is not as nice as Bob so always look for the Larry name tag. The last Reds game that Bob has attended was at Crosley Field. The animal Bob feels best describes him is, a raging bull, because he said he goes in and gets it done. Bobs warning label would say proceed with caution you never know what you are going to get. What makes Bob laugh the most is people doing stupid things and people are always doing stupid things. I have even had to pull over in my car because of laughing so hard. The most unusual food he has ever eaten Mountain Oysters and Turkey Fries, of which he didn’t think was unusual but felt some people may. If he could have super-hero powers he would like to fly. He would want Red Skelton to play him in a movie of his life because he always liked him, he was very entertaining, and you never had to worry about what he would say or do, you could even take small children to see him.

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