“Every Employee Has a Story”

slideshow1While brain storming on what I should write for my next article I automatically began thinking in terms of our equipment and services. After all we are a metal fabrication company and our equipment and services are the tools needed to manufacture parts. Then it dawned on me that, although important, they are not the driving factor of what makes us who we are. What truly defines A-1 Fabricators & Finishers is the individuals that provide the resources needed to manage and execute the day in, day out, operations of our business. Our entire fabrication process is dependent upon these individuals and the diversity of their expertise to provide the foundation for growth and expansion of A-1 Fabricators and Finishers.

When touring the fabrication process for the 1st time, individuals are often surprised by the amount of manual operation, control, and adjustments required in the fabrication process. The individuals skill coupled with their years of experience, knowledge, and commitment assure that the needed equipment and processes are utilized to their full potential. The diversity of our team is characterized by the individuality of each employee and the contributions made. The accumulated strengths of each employee, provides the core foundation of our corporate structure allowing for consistent growth and expansion of our processes and facility.

Each employee is defined not only by their position at A-1 Fabricators and Finishers but also by the lives they lead outside of our company. Every employee has their own story, their own history, and an optimistic future, that characterizes who they are and who they want to be. Our employees are the driving factor of, who A-1 Fabricators and Finishers is, and will be.

In successfully marketing A-1 Fabricators and Finishers I feel that I may have overlooked one of our greatest assets, our people. Why not market the exact thing that makes us unique and special, the thing that symbolizes our expertise and commitment, the one thing that no other company has, our people! To begin this marketing campaign I will interview employees to learn about their skills, experience, families, hobbies, and interest, etc. and publish their stories to share. Together we will learn the value of diversity and individuality of the A-1 Fabricators and Finishers team.

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