Capabilities and Our Quoting Process

The quotilaser 2ng process begins with the initial matching of capabilities to the customer requirements. Committed to offering an arsenal of services, quality processes, and varies products, supports our role as a single source supplier in meeting all you fabrication requirements.  Providing value added capabilities and consistently delivering quality results that culminate the realization of cost savings.  Our proven track record of strong supplier partnerships throughout many industries is structured on our commitment, credibility, and shared continual improvement efforts. Through the elimination of multiple suppliers and utilization of a single source supplier capable of realizing all your fabrication needs presents the opportunity for time management efficiency and substantial cost savings.

Realizing the importance of the engineering role to the purchasing team, each customer is assigned a designated engineer, responsible for reviewing, evaluating, and establishing the required processes.  Assigning responsibility to an individual engineer as the customer representative and source of contact provides clear communication fostering an efficient partnering relationship.  Upon receipt of a quote the designated engineer will determine materials needed, required operations, and determine the time needed to complete each manufacturing process. The designated engineer through years of knowledge and experience is capable of quickly and accurately projecting product requirements. Utilizing our ERP System the information is then entered establishing precise cost associated with the manufacturing processes, materials, and labor. Dedicating the expertise of our engineering resources in the quoting process drastically increases the accuracy and timeliness of the quoting process. Once completed the quote is returned to customer for review. Records of the quoted materials, time, and labor are stored in the ERP System expediting the order entry process upon receipt of Purchase Order.

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