Traceability and Accountability Throughout the Manufacturing Process


Traceability and accountability with the stroke of a key board throughout the manufacturing process is realized at A-1 Fabricators & Finishers through real time reporting of work in process (WIP) into our ERP System.

Complete and accurate traceability of each individual part provides data that captures:

  • the exact location of product in the manufacturing process
  • employee currently working on the product in that process
  • projected time needed to complete the process at each operation
  • Materials used, needed , and availability

The data entered throughout the process provides accurate and real time information that is monitored and evaluated by each assigned account representative to assure on time delivery expectations are being met.  Accuracy of this information is accomplished through the placement of computers throughout the shop floor allowing each employee to log into the ERP system and input the required data. Utilization of unique identification numbers that have been assigned to each employee, operation, and station allows employees to input the required information at each stage of the manufacturing process.  This data is then used to track and monitor each part as the employee begins and completes the predetermined operation thus assuring traceability as well as accountability of workmanship and process control of the employee and established operation.

Permanent records of collected data provide a chronicle of actual time, labor, materials, and traceability of each individual job packet, employee, manufacturing operation, part, and customer.  This information is analyzed and provides the statics needed to determine and implement continuous improvement efforts and measurements to quality objectives in:

  • cost control
  • efficiencies of departments and employees
  • accountability of workmanship
  • quality process control
  • on time delivery
  • quality conformance

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